Energize Your Life Through Hula Hooping

Burn TONS of calories, tone every muscle in your body, and gain blissful clarity of mind, without the pressure of learning hula hoop tricks!

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We'll meet you where you are.

Are you brand new to hooping and not quite ready to dive into the world of tricks yet, but you're intrigued by the idea of a hula hooping workout?  

You're not alone. 

Don't let the sheer volume of hula hoop tricks on Youtube stop you from picking up this magical and incredible life changing practice. 

Just start simple! 

Start with ACTIVATE, my brand new hoop fitness course designed for absolute beginners and anyone else who just wants a simple entrance into the world of hula hooping while still getting an incredible workout.

This class has no tutorials.  If that's what you're looking for, My Six Week Challenge covers a wide variety of hoop tricks. 

But if you don't want to get into all that right now, this is the perfect course for you. 

You can simply follow along with Jessie B and I as we change your life in 10 days of hula hooping.

And when I say life changing, I TRULY mean it.


You will sweat. 

You will laugh. 

You might cry (tears of joy, of course). 

But most importantly, you will START. 

And you will activate a deep power within you to move forward as your best, strongest self.

These are workouts you can just turn on and follow along with.


  • Zero learning curve
  • No hard tricks
  • No fancy dance moves or footwork
  • No muscle memory required

With Jessie B’s guidance, we have carefully crafted these 10 hula hoop workouts with a strong focus on building discipline and motivation. 

ACTIVATE will help you in touch with your inner fitness god(dess) – that person who LOVES to get their heart rate up, sweat, and move! 

Jessie has been on our hula hoop sponsorship team for over 8 years, and is renowned on social media for her inspiring fitness videos, where she encourages her followers to exercise no matter your age, size or ability. She has over 150k followers across all platforms and hundreds of millions of views on her videos! We are honored to have her in this course!

This is a great class for absolute beginners and seasoned hoopers alike – anyone who wants to add a dash of hula hoop flair to their workout! 

This workout is easy on your joints so anyone can do it, but its still intense enough to help anyone reach their fitness goals.  

We strongly believe in fitness at any size and this workout will meet you where you are!

As a student of ACTIVATE, you will also receive exclusive invitations to future live classes with Mama Ruby and Jessie B!

Just like our classic Six Week Challenge, this 10-day Activate course is available across all devices, and is completely yours to use however and whenever you want.

Find that inner spark again and LIGHT. IT. UP!!!!!!